If you check the box next to personal guarantee, you agree to jointly and severally, unconditionally personally guarantee the performance of all obligations under, and the payment upon demand of all amounts due on, the Phillips 66-Conoco-76 Commercial Account that is opened with this Application, without requiring us to first pursue the buyer also liable on the Account. You also waive any notices regarding the governing credit agreement or the Guaranty. This Guaranty shall be in effect until the Agreement has terminated and all amounts due thereunder have been fully paid. Guarantor agrees that if the Account is not paid as agreed, the creditor may report Guarantor's liability for and the status of the Account to credit bureaus and others who may lawfully receive such information. You also understand and agree that your personal credit will be used in making credit decisions on the Account and consumer reports and other inquiries regarding your credit may be obtained from time to time by the creditor or any assignee in connections with the account.